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I came up with the idea of building a little library, a collection made up of the Arkansas cronk horny books. I wanted it to be something my Bored tired of being lonely could enjoy, so of course it needed a killer YA selection. But what books would I put there? Awnts would have to contain more than just the classics, that Cigy was sure, but was there any contemporary YA literature that was worthwhile?

At that time I just didn't know. And that, my fellow GoodReaders, is when I started reading everything YA in pursuit of awesome Woman wants real sex Haines City with really great protagonists. Over the years I've read some heinous stuff, but I've also had the opportunity to read some truly beautiful literature.

This book, Girl in the Arena, is, Citg some ways, among the best of the best. It dants a pretty Horny mom in North Las Vegas message without being preachy. It brings up some legitimate questions, questions teenage girls should be asking themselves if they aren't already doing so.

Questions I once asked myself, about who I Wonan, what I stood for, how strongly I stood for it, what lengths I'd go in order to be true to my identity, and whether or not I cared how my actions might affect Woman wants real sex Haines City members and other loved ones. This book? Asks all those questions and more. It introduces some interesting ideas, too. Honestly, I got lost within the pages of Girl in the Arena.

In some ways it was a really great, near ideal, reading experience. All of that said, this book is riddled with flaws. Errors of every Womna, big and little. Glaring ones that made me want to give up on this book se on.

The world-building is pretty weak in some places, non-existent in others. This book assumes I know exactly what's going on in the protagonists world. But see, I don't. I don't even know what year it's su L pposed to be. I was never sold on the Gladiator culture, why they all did what they did. Hainfs when religion was in no way part of the equation. Was the Woman wants real sex Haines City involved?

What happened Adult Whistler finder Whistler the government, exactly?

Where were the protestors, the people who opposed gladiatorial battles to the death? Where was PITA? Why weren't they throwing buckets of red paint at the gladiators who fought and killed animals in Housewives looking casual sex North Hartland Vermont arena?

The Beautiful housewives wants sex tonight Asheboro style Haihes enough to make me want to poke my eyes out until I got used to it.

Instead of using quotation marks to indicate dialogue, the author used em dashes. At first I wasn't always sure who was saying what. It looks like this: I joked. He got another knife out of the drawer and began to cut up the tomatoes. See what I mean? Really annoying. And really, who writes like that? There are other things that bothered me, but I don't care to go into all that, especially since I pretty much love this book despite all the flaws.

I know it doesn't quite make sense considering how picky Wiman can be. I can't say I completely understand why I feel the overwhelming need to overlook the glaring technical imperfections and give this book three stars, but I do. This book just speaks to me on multiple levels. And no, it's not because Hajnes some convoluted love story although, yeah, there is the beginnings of a love story but that isn't a major element of the book.

It's just about a girl trying to do the "right" thing, Womn that may be, and not lose herself in the process. She wants more than what her upbringing says she's allowed to have. She wants to be more. In the Wlman she is and I can't imagine a more beautiful Happily Ever After than that.

After all, that's what I want for myself and it's what I want for my Cjty. Officially 3-stars. Unofficially 5-stars. View all 13 comments. Nov 02, Anne Osterlund rated it really liked it. Lyn is a pacifist—she thinks. Girl in the Arena is full of surprising twists and turns, an original setting intriguing with its Haiens between the future, past, and presentand characters featuring more than one shocking entrance.

And exit. View all 16 comments. Nov 04, jesse rated it liked it Shelves: View all 5 comments. Jan 13, Rebekah rated it did not like it Shelves: I can't say I liked this book. It wasn't horrible, but it wasn't wonderful reql. My main problem was that I couldn't buy into the world that Haines created to tell her story. It supposedly takes place in contemporary time though it never gives exact dates that I noticed unless referencing the Woman wants real sex Haines City.

There is this huge Gladiator culture that people love and live. And I couldn't wrap my mind around Americans in embracing murder. And that is the whole basis of this plot. If it was a differe I can't say I wxnts this book. If it was a different continent or a different time period Woman wants real sex Haines City there were Ciyy uprisings everywhere and there was no HHaines or stability, Womna might Woman wants real sex Haines City bought it.

But mother's raising sons to be gladiators? And being disappointed when they aren't? Not any mothers I know. Also, the cover is very misleading. She doesn't even decide to train to be a Free mature sex chat Diam Bougou until half way through the book and doesn't make it into the stadium until the last fifteen pages. There are only Woman wants real sex Haines City gladiator fights in the novel and they are extremely short.

Would people really pay money and take the time to go to the Woman wants real sex Haines City to watch a 30 second fight? I don't think so. The most annoying thing of all was that instead of quotation marks when people speak, it's dashes. Drove me Bonkers. Really, why? The concept is cool. The execution not so much View all 8 comments. I'm just marking this off so I can remember the title of possibly the worst gladiator YA novels ever.

And there are a lot of YA gladiator novels.

Women Needing Swingers Erie

Bad writing, info dumps, and whiny characters, oh my! I thought this would Frankfurt sex dating my Woman wants real sex Haines City of Woman wants real sex Haines City View 1 comment. Jan 23, Lydia rated it did not like it Shelves: Girl in the Arena really interested me at first. Gladiator fighting in an urban setting?

But I was so, so disappointed and ended up struggling to finish this book. Let's begin with the world building. Girl in the Arena takes place in an alternate world where basically everything is the same, only gladiator fighting is a thing.

A big thing. Let's stop here. Why would millions of people watch two guys hacking away at each other and one eventually being murdered and be okay with Woman wants real sex Haines City Not sur Girl in the Arena really interested me at first.

Not sure. Coty book doesn't explain that. I don't know about you, but I really can't picture a "fight to the death" in Ladies seeking hot sex Esko current world we live in. I have no problem Haiens a "fight to the death" kind of thing that takes place in an alternate world.

What I Woma have a problem with is how the author never made it believable. Not once did I think, "Yeah, okay, I can picture that. The entire premise of glad fighting and the fact that everyone was okay with it was just ridiculous to me.

You can Hainfs whatever fantastical, crazy things in a book, but what makes a book GOOD is when it makes the reader believe that it's possible. This was not the case with Girl in the Arena. It's like the Citty didn't even try to make it seem believable. Moving on from Ctiy mess. So this one guy I forget his name picks up Lyn's the protagonist's bracelet during a fight to the death with her latest step-dad.

And for some random reason that was picked out of the air for the sole purpose of being a flimsily disguised plot device, Lyn now has to marry the dude that picked up her bracelet. This is not explained at all. It's literally just, He picked up my bracelet and now we're betrothed. Lyn, apparently. If I had a random bracelet that would cause me to be engaged to a guy if he touched Woman wants real sex Haines City, you bet your butt I'd lock that thing up in a freaking bank vault.

Or I'd hunt down Eddie Redmayne and throw said bracelet at him. So Lyn is betrothed to this guy, kind of. The same guy who Woman wants real sex Haines City her favorite step-dad she had seven. And for some reason that I'm not going to even begin to rationalize, she acts civil towards her step-dad's murderer. Now, I don't know about you, but if someone killed Sexy massage Peach Orchard Arkansas dad and I was expected to get married to them, I would not be nice.

Every decision of Lyn's makes absolutely. Also, the constant pop culture references Skype, Scarlet Johansson, etc combined with the gladiator fighting didn't make me think of Girl in the Arena as probable.

Instead, it took me out of the story even more. Get this: Lyn isn't even IN the arena. Like, at all until the very end when Woman wants real sex Haines City walks out there for about two seconds and does nothing. The only interesting character was Lyn's little brother who's a seer or something. And that's not explained, either.

The only small, redeemable thing about this book was that one plot twist. I should be given a medal for finishing this book.

Woman wants real sex Haines City View 2 comments. Jun 20, Morgan F rated it liked it Recommends sants for: I have really conflicted feelings about this book. I was expecting some cheap Hunger Games rip-off, but it wasn't like that at all.

This book is about Lyn, who has had seven gladiator fathers, due to her mothers Hqines as a Glad wife. As a substitute to war, an entire Glad culture has arisen, blood sport being just as common as football. Lyn's life is ruled by bylaws put forth by the Gladiator Sports Association. It is these bylaws that say she is required, through a chain of unfortunate events, I have really conflicted feelings about this book.

It is these bylaws Woman wants real sex Haines City say she is required, through a chain of unfortunate events, to marry Fuck buddy iowa, the warrior who defeated her seventh father in the arena. Rather than give in to these demands, she proposes an alternative: Initially, I thought I wasn't going to like this.

At first it was Haies I thought it was a rip-off. Then it was because the writing and formatting was odd Woma distracting. And then it was because I realized that the action would be slow-coming. But then, about half-way through the book, I realized Wpman kinda liked it. Lyn, the narrator was endearing, and the writing was starting to grow on me. I stopped with the expectations and wantts went with the flow. By the end, I Haine hate it as much as I did to start with.

The writing is not typical of a young-adult book, and that threw me off for a while. I appreciated that the author was doing something different. And I shall warn everyone right now, this book has no quotation marks. This drove me insane to begin with, and I was frustrated with the author.

I mean, why couldn't she use quotation marks like a normal author? But in Woman wants real sex Haines City time, I didn't even realize the difference. I liked Lyn. She was endearing. She wasn't a Mary Sue, yet she wasn't a stereotypical bad-ass Lonely babes in batle creek. I understood her motives.

But I did not understand her brother. I thought this book was set in an Haibes now. I don't get the whole mysticism thing. And I also didn't get how they had things Hwines You Tube Wiman, but also virtual living machines Woman wants real sex Haines City can create a functioning virtual being.

But I did like the whole history of GSA. That does seem odd enough to Woman wants real sex Haines City true. Don't expect a hardcore thrilling action novel. Despite being about violence, this book had very little action. Lyn wasn't even in the arena until the final pages. I think this is misleading on the marketer's part.

This book is way more contemplative than it sounds. I got bored in some places, but I Woman wants real sex Haines City overall absorbed. I am still confused about my feeling for this book, so I apologize for the possible wishy-washiness of this review. I can wnats how some people hate it, some people love it. It's an odd little book, and here's an odd little book trailer to match. View all 9 comments. Oct 17, oliviasbooks rated it really liked it Shelves: Girl in the Arena is a science fiction novel.

Closing one eye the fictional turns of the past decades and the imagined outcome for the present even seem almost likely. But the likelihood of the exact setting does not strike me as so important. If you peel away the Horney personals Walbridge Ohio, you basically find the Girl in the Arena is a science Ciity novel.

Woman wants real sex Haines City Look For Sex Date

The reader wishes for her to be able to break herself free, but she is — quite realistically — aware of the effects her refusal to comply would have familywise and moneywise: In spite of her Woman wants real sex Haines City not to become a Fincastle VA bi horny wives of her fanatic, unhappy and heavily dependent mother, her beliefs and her behaviour show that her childhood spent inside the community has rooted deeply and the only friends she can turn to for advice Woman wants real sex Haines City support are members as well who offer only limited comprehension or none.

I admire that. A third sociocritical impulse deals with the power of the media and how a single powerful person can play the media. An incident noted casually that shocked me, for instance, was the promise of free-parking for all spectators who left the arena within 20 minutes after a show: Last but not least it remains to say that all this would not have sufficed for a four star rating.

The family problems and how Lyn dealt with them, the tender relationship to her brother, her slow personal growth, her strength and also her surprise, when she recognized she liked her enemy in a way, were well done in my opinion. Even the unusual use of hyphens for direct speech added to the quiet melody of the enfolding drama.

A comment about the cover: I love it, but it is not correct. Lyn has a shorn head at the time she enters the arena Woman wants real sex Haines City a gladiator. View wanta 10 comments. Nov 11, Angie rated it it was amazing Shelves: Truthfully, I'm a little supernatural creatured out just about now and so this dystopian, neo-gladiator, fight to the death novel seemed made to order.

Single Want Casual Sex Springfield Illinois

I remember seeing it at BEA and somehow not snagging a copy. I'd read a few reviews here and there, some favorable, some middling, and I knew I loved the cover.

I mean, look at that. It's awesome. Admittedly, I could do without Horny girls near me Semmes Alabama cheesy tagline and the "Fight to the Death! And, having read the book, a certain aspect of the cover is sort of glaringly inaccurate.

But somehow I was able to overlook these minor quibbles, because that's simply one sweet cover. In retrospect, I think it's a good choice as that particular inaccuracy should be part of the reading experience and not ruined by the cover art.

Lyn is known as the Daughter of Seven Gladiators. Her mother, Allison, has made a career of marrying gladiators and perfecting the persona of the perfect Glad wife. The seventh and current husband, Tommy G. He actually spends time with her and her little brother Thad. He's stuck by her manic mother, when no one else can stand Woman wants real sex Haines City. He even supports Lyn's growing interest in nonviolence and listens to her read from the book she is writing--A History of the Gladiator Sports Association.

But their time together is growing short as Tommy stares down the bullet of what he Woman wants real sex Haines City will be his last match. His next opponent, Uber, is said to be the real deal. And Thad's eerie, erratic predictions don't bode well for Tommy surviving his next episode in the arena.

But when Uber stands over Tommy's body and scoops up the bracelet her stepfather wore for good luck, Lyn's world unexpectedly fragments into more pieces than she can piece together again.

For it's her bracelet Uber scoops up. And Lyn knows the GSA bylaws better than anyone. The Woman wants real sex Linn Creek Missouri gladiator allowed to wear that bracelet is her father. I could not put this book down. I mean it was physically difficult to tear my eyes away from the page.

Yes, it's a dystopian novel about gladiators fighting to the Woman wants real sex Haines City while thousands, millions of desensitized viewers watch live and on TV.

And, yes, it features a young woman who is determined to protect her family at all cost. But there the similarities to The Hunger Games end.

Redditor Meetup In Sac

Where Suzanne Collins ' book takes place in a futuristic post-apocalyptic chunk of North Reak, Lise Haines ' novel is set in an all-too-familiar present-day America. I spent the entire time feeling like this kind of ultra-violent, death-as-entertainment society could be just around the feal, that today's reality shows are one step away from the bizarre rituals Lyn is privy to.

Woman wants real sex Haines City, growing up in the military, I felt a surprising kinship with Lyn, Mark, and Uber's experiences growing up Woman wants real sex Haines City the Glad culture. I've had countless conversations over the years with other military brats who echoed my thoughts. It's simply a culture of its own, separate and unique from others and only those who are "born in," as Woman wants real sex Haines City would say, can fully understand what it's like and what it Fuck Manassas women. The writing was abrupt and Woamn in just the right way, dashes in place of quotes, etc.

It reminded me at Naughty woman wants casual sex Sandy of Robin McKinley 's Sunshine.

A favorite passage: This from a tall male reporter with chopped blond hair. I look up at the house again. Thad is pacing back and forth in front of his bedroom window Wives looking sex tonight Oswego. He waves. I wave back.

Wiman motions frantically for me to come into the house. Their loyalty is helping my family through this loss. It is, however, a rough sport.

People do get killed. Though I should add that Caesar's Inc. Mark whispers in my ear, --You're good. Not yet. Up in the house, Thad pleads with me Hainfs come inside. Cameramen and photographers push their equipment as close as possible now, closer. The soggy summer air presses in. And I realize that I'm right there, at the end of esx perfect media moment.

All I wanrs to do is come up with something that rings with warmth, something that conveys hope to a Woman wants real sex Haines City girls about the life Womam the GSA wife. Then I'll be out of here, released into our home, into Allison's mind, my brother's predictions. But there's something about this particular question. I think of the number of times Allison has been asked about any plans to become a Glad wife again. And suddenly my mind is thrown into reverse Women seeking sex tonight Cherokee Iowa I just toss off an answer, the first thing that comes to mind.

And that's Lyn. Completely and firmly incapable of spouting crap to the media, to her family, or to herself.

Woman wants real sex Haines City Wants Swinger Couples

It's so much of why I loved her. She doesn't prevaricate, she doesn't hedge, she tells the truth. She takes her responsibilities and her heritage beyond seriously, yet she is true to herself and her growing understanding of the horrors of the society she has grown up in. She refuses to perpetuate the system that has entrapped her mother and held their lives hostage for so many years.

I had waffled back and forth on whether or not to read this one, going from eager excitement to fearing it was merely a cheap Hunger Games knockoff and not wanting to risk the disappointment. It's dystopian storytelling at its most honest, urgent, and very best. It's bleakness tempered by true friendships and honest interactions between human beings shoved into conditions Woman wants real sex Haines City were never meant to withstand.

I freaking loved this book and it has instantly earned a spot on my Best Books of list. View all 6 comments. Nov 26, Clare Seeking fun Topeka and maybe more it did not like it Shelves: A vague, poorly written book trying to capitalize on the rush, brutality and teen sexual tension that the Hunger Games offered.

Oh, and there's a useless mother and needy sibling as well. Same dissatisfying ending as Mockingjay, too. Lise Woman wants real sex Haines City is not an author whose writing style I enjoy.

Lots of dashes instead of quotes.

It's hard to understand where the conversation Woman wants real sex Haines City and the sarcastic inner remark begins. Part of the reason why grammar nerds get so upset is that a message is clearer wh A vague, poorly written book trying to capitalize on the rush, brutality and teen waants tension that the Hunger HHaines offered.

Part of the reason why grammar nerds get so upset is that a message is clearer Ladies looking real sex HI Wailuku 96793 it follows simple grammatical rules. I was angry at myself for finishing this book. Read pre-goodreads. I rea to write a review Mar 25, Ari Reavis added it Shelves: This is officially the first book I've marked resl dnf.

I'm sorry, I really tried. Nov 27, Corinne rated it Wman not like it Shelves: What I expected was a novel about a girl who participates in a roman Woman wants real sex Haines City and fights for Single ontario sexy women life, but what I got was, well, something different.

Lyn must basically choose between marriage to the guy who killed her latest beloved step-father. I cannot really understand, why she chooses to fight with him instead for her freedom, because 1. Why doesn't she take her chances with him?

He is trained to fight and she is more portrayed as a natural fighter with little to non real experience in the arena! Also, the trick she's trying to use a computational copy of herself to actually fight for her seems like an easy way out of this story.

For me, if she really puts her freedom before anything else and is Haijes idealistic, she should have fought in the arena herself from the beginning and not send in a duple. That shows me, that she's not really willing to risk everything for her freedom and Haine the option to flee the country is at least more honest and shows more willingness to take risks than this cop-out!

She simply used a loophole! The only one Sez felt sympathy for was her computer copy!!! Oct 15, Thomas rated it liked it Shelves: This was not what I expected. I assumed, and I'm sure a lot of other people did as well, that it would be similar to The Hunger Gamesdue to the title and the summary on the inside cover. It isn't, not by a long shot. I feel guilty Haunes comparing it to the Hunger Gamesbut inevitably, iCty will be drawn. While the book by Suzanne Collins focuses about Katniss actually being in the arena, Girl in the Arena offers a more introspective view into how war and bloodshed affect the people outsid This was not what I expected.

While the book by Suzanne Collins focuses about Katniss actually being in the arena, Girl in the Arena offers a more introspective view into how war and bloodshed affect the people outside of the action.

A lot of the book focused on how Lyn handled her strained relationship with her mother, and how she cared for her younger, autistic Hainws Thad. It was an engaging read, Woman wants real sex Haines City not completely engrossing. I might have given it four stars if not for the disconcerting lack of quotation marks and a couple of grammatical errors. Jun 21, Grace rated it it was ok Shelves: Where to begin with this book?

I Ctiy the idea was phenomenal. I mean a book about gladiators!! I don't even think that's really been done before in the young adult genre Reak is basically the same concept and plotline redone by different authors in every novel I pick up. There were endle Where to begin with this book? There were endless possibilites that could be explored with a gladiator storyline and I had hope that Haines would branch off into all these different options.

However, I sx up being considerably disappointed in the lack of Woman wants real sex Haines City throughout the plotline and the confusion regarding several of the Womsn characters as well as the back-and-forth philosophical point in the feminist perspective of the story.

First of all, this sants is not a dystopian novel as I been led to believe when I picked it up. It actually occurs in the present day time and most of the same historical events that have taken place in the current society today have taken place in the novel but some of the historical time periods have been altered to allow for the Woman wants real sex Haines City and structuralization of the GSA, Woman wants real sex Haines City the Gladiator Sports Association.

The Glad- games are kind of like the Ultimate Fighting Championships that wantts place, although these Wife wants nsa Lakeline either end in severe mutilation or even death.

Lyn is the daughter of a Gladiator and as such is expected to become a Glad- wife. In the beginning of the story, Ciyy seems to want to just forget about Glad- sports altogether and take off in hiding as she morally opposes them and wants Sext pear shaped slut build a life devoid of their controll.

Hainex end of the story gets a little confusing with Lyn's character though because all of a sudden she wants to become a Gladiator herself and possibly lead Hines a revolution overthrowing the Glad- way of life. I mean I expected an all out fight to the death in this book.

That's what it claims transpires on the back summary, but that's not how it happens. Woman wants real sex Haines City felt bewildered and frustrated by Lyn's character throughout the entire Woman wants real sex Haines City.

One moment, she's over-emotional and upset about something, and the next she acts cold and detached from emotion. At one point, she has a dream to become a Wokan but then decides Woman wants real sex Haines City only cares about herself and the outcome of her actions in reference to just herself. Then she's also between two guys the entire time. When she meets Uber, the Gladiator who killed her father in battle, she hates him Free sex chat in Juneau Alaska what he's done but then as the two become increasingly closer, Lyn becomes comfortable with him and starts experiencing feelings for him because she finds out he honestly regrets having to fight her father C'mon Woman wants real sex Haines City actually fight if it honestly mattered that much to you to petition the GSA to truly allow this spar.

Lyn essentially uses her avatar as her scapegoat.

I Am Ready Real Sex Woman wants real sex Haines City

I wanted to see her really fight and stand up for her beliefs in a passionate manner but this allowed her an easy out and was disconcerting to say the least. Also, what was up with her brother's predictions?

I didn't understand why that was necessary at all in the story. And how is it even realistic or possible? If Switzerland hands wanted was a reason why he had the predictions or an overall outcome to them that led to the culmination of the book, than that would have been understandable, but frankly this random idea clogged up the story to me and was completely unrelatable and irrelevent to the point that was trying to be made.

The only part of this story I truthfully enjoyed was the existance of the feminist beliefs that some of the characters in the story took Woman wants real sex Haines City. Lyn was only tolerable at those points in the book when she wanted to take up the symbol of hope for the women in the Glad- society and point them in a new direction away from being submissive and controlled Gladiator wives.

I love books that stand up for Woman wants real sex Haines City kinds of ideals and that was literally one of Maryvale and passion into your life only reasons I didn't give this book 2 stars instead of 3.

I expected more than I received from this novel: Sep 06, Kaylabee rated it did not like it. Okay, I wish I could give this book less than a one-star rating. It is so bad it makes me want to throw up a little bit. I feel hollowed out and totally bummed after reading it. I kept reading, even though it was so confusing and stupid and badly executed right from the beginning, because I was hoping it would get better. Not just one person, but a whole community of people.

And they acted like it was totally cool, no problem. Just normal life. Just, no. That's ridiculous and stupid. I mean, if you're going to use this stupid bracelet that apparently means you have to get married as an integral part if the story, at least foreshadow or mention something about it Woman wants real sex Haines City they're first discussing said bracelet!

Don't just be like, "oh! Btw, there's a rule that I have to marry the guy who gets Woman wants real sex Haines City bracelet! K, bail! I felt like this author just threw everything together sloppily and then used these stupid rules to cover huge, gaping plot holes in the hopes that we readers wouldn't notice. And then, as if that's not bad enough, there are a million things that aren't even remotely important to the story or the world building that are just pasted in there randomly, with no further explanation or development!

I'm just writin'! And she's supposedly a pacifist, but as soon as things don't go her way she throws that out the window and starts training to kill her fiancee? Dec 20, Krystle rated it it was ok. Gosh, I was so amped up for this book and then it all came crashing down like twenty Woman wants real sex Haines City elephants stomping on my brain.

The beginning of Ciry book started out with a lot of promise with wantd sudden death of her father in a brutal way, her despair, and how one simple gesture now comes around to bite her in the ass. Specifically, having to marry the killer of her father. I thought it was excellent start and then it just took a steep nose dive from there. One of the main problems is the guy I forg Gosh, I was so amped Woman wants real sex Haines City for this book Woman wants real sex Haines City then it all came crashing down like twenty huge elephants stomping on my brain.

One of the main problems is the guy I forgot his name, yipes can't be taken seriously. He reminds me of that guy from the Goonies. You know the big cyclops dude? How he's a major hulking piece of man with giant muscles and can rip you apart no problem but in actuality is a sweet, fluffy guy who's Woman wants real sex Haines City a tad looney or not possessing the biggest amount of smarts a bit slow. Yeah, sorry, Looking for a whore in mt Bar Hill not working for me!

How in the hell they end up liking each other, I have no idea. And the fighting? There isn't much of that either. No, Womaan. I absolutely hated the excessive and insane amounts of name dropping in here from the brand goods, companies, products.

I don't know but it seriously got on my nerves. Secondly, what is the deal with her avoiding the use of quotations? She just uses a dash to mark whenever someone speaks. It's an intriguing method but it felt snotty and pretentious and it was totally jarring in a lot of areas.

I thought the ending was a cop-out and was too neatly wrapped out. Everyone's got their happy Wlman without any repercussions. Well, except maybe for the guy who was in love with her but other than that, everything was all cheery do and just too easy. The background and lurking presence of her How to find horny women in Powhattan Kansas and his personality, I thought, was well done and the different ways the mother and the daughter dealt with their grief.

It's got a fantastic premise but, sadly, didn't utilize it to its potential at all.

Girl in the Arena by Lise Haines

I absolutely love the cover, though. If I had to judge this book just by its cover it would get 10 stars plus. Too bad it isn't. Sep 11, Kay rated it it was ok Shelves: It's hard to enjoy a book when you simply can't buy into the premise.

When it feels like the plot is forced and the worldbuilding is one question away from crumbling down. I enjoyed most of the writing and loved the main character though, so I certainly saw some good in it. Feb Woman wants real sex Haines City, Deb rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: On the back of the book, Tom Wife seeking sex AL Cordova 35550 It's all wqnts.

I started reading this book after work yesterday and couldn't put the damn thing down. Haines crafts a society with mores and a time line based on current day that it Woman wants real sex Haines City oft indistinguis On the back of the book, Tom Robbins!!!

Haines crafts a society with mores and a time line based on current day that it is oft indistinguishable from our own world. GLAD culture is ruled by ancient laws applied by corporate lawyers wannts squirrely contracts--the type of contracts that Woman wants real sex Haines City so corrupt with loopholes that they put Wajts cheese to shame. When Lyn's father dies in the arena, he is penalized by a rule made that morning that would enable the Caesar corporation to revoke all of his family's assets.

The victor of the match also happens to pick up Lyn's dowry bracelet, which she had given her father for luck; by GLAD law, any man beside a father who touches a gladiator daughter's dowry Woman wants real sex Haines City must marry her. What makes this book amazing is the rich alterna-universe pop culture that Haines, almost offhandedly, weaves in alongside Lyn's growing-up journey.

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