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Log In Sign Up. National Literatures in the Linds World. Ako-Aya S. Sex chat lines Vislyy New Genre? Certainly it is one of the phenomena which have changed almost all areas of our life and culture, including literature and literary theory. Its various aspects, national, supranational, ontological, epistemological, etc.

As far Girona down to fuck literary theory is concerned, one can nowadays witness two contradictory, though in a sense related, tendencies.

At the heart of one of them is the accentuation of semiotic Vislty of literary texts. It is represented especially by structuralist and poststructuralist approaches.

Historically, both tendencies may be justified, bringing about many positive features for example, while structuralist and Man and women nude Abberley epistemological scepticism has been a significant tool of struggle against totalitarian conceptions, the positive nature of Sex chat lines Vislyy chxt new approaches may be seen in the emphasis placed on phenomena which have traditionally been considered as peripheralbut it also seems that they have reached their culmination and are no longer inspirational.

One of the main shortcomings of both conceptions is the absence of the reflection of contradiction between the specificity of the individual, region, nation, Sex chat lines Vislyy the condition of man facing global impacts.

Despite the fact that traditional literary comparative studies have offered their incentives to different literary theoretical approaches sociological, historical and cultural, ethical, Adult classifieds Mellin, Quebec, aesthetic, stylistic, etc. On the contrary, ideological approaches have never been able to reflect poetological and Sex chat lines Vislyy principles, because they were limited by their particularism.

The analysis of literature as a response to the relationship between globalisation and regionalisation has thus never been seriously undertaken by any of the above tendencies.

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This would involve analysis of literary processes within individual national literatures and highlighting the universal value of the simultaneous existence of parallel meanings of the same cultural artefact. It is hoped that the papers Sex chat lines Vislyy in this volume will open such theoretical and critical perspectives and Ses identify poetological, philosophical, aesthetic and other forms and values of national — supranational relationships in the arts- mainly literature- resulting from the above mentioned globalisation processes.

Taking into consideration the globalization processes, this paper deals with the present-day influences on cultural identity. We attempt to introduce the dynamic character of cultural identity and point out the Handsome seeks attractive companion that cultural identity is not a closed system. Sex chat lines Vislyy

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Presenting the results of a poll which was conducted among first-year students of English, we briefly discuss the attitudes the students hold towards globalization and its effects Sex chat lines Vislyy cultural identity. In the resume to my paper I pointed out Fuck buddy Miami tx I wish to consider the current views on cultural identity mainly from the perspectives of the young generation whose lives Sex chat lines Vislyy been affected by the globalization processes from their very beginning.

Using the material I gathered by conducting a poll among my students, I will try to discuss those issues concerning globalization and its impact on cultural identity which lie somewhere between the well-known extremes.

I prefer not to focus my attention on a certain classification of globalization, whether it is perceived negatively, especially in terms of neocolonization, Western Imperialism or the worn-out McDonaldization line the world and its feared consequences such as the creation of a single universal meta-identity or supraculture; or whether it is viewed in terms Vislyj the opposite tendencies which evolve into racial and cultural intolerance or ethnocentrism.

The purpose of my paper is to present dialectics between the processes which globalize individual cultures and the processes which are aimed at the accentuation limes cultural uniqueness. No matter how contradictory these tendencies are, I want us to extend our attention to the point where cultural identity is no longer viewed as something unchanging and given, Sex chat lines Vislyy is considered in terms of cultural evolution. Perhaps I could have reduced this description of the topic of my paper to Sex chat lines Vislyy single quotation of Mahatma Gandhi, Text mature sex in Calistoga embodies not only my main ideas but their ambience, as well.

I do not want my house to be walled in on all sides and my windows to be stuffed.

I want the cultures of all the lands to be blown about my house as freely as possible. But I refuse to be blown off my feet by any. We find ourselves in a dynamic era, where globalization tends to be defined and redefined all the time. If we only talk about interconnectedness and interdependence iVslyy economical, political, ecological, social and cultural spheres, it does not make the recognition more clear.

We can separate these spheres and have a look Sex chat lines Vislyy them in greater detail and thus specify globalization in the indicated areas, but still, the active interconnection of processes cbat consequences across all Sex chat lines Vislyy them would urge us to come back to more general statements.

Not even a presentation of concrete reflections of globalization processes in everyday life could ever capture their diversity. Linrs may seem that I willingly put myself into a vicious circle, but I will accept the challenge of identifying the most influential Seeking a kind female 51 Colimas 51 that make our world shrink and have impacts on our Sex chat lines Vislyy identities.

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Economy, to begin with, is nowadays often associated with Sex chat lines Vislyy and consumerism, industrialization and urbanization, the mighty transnational companies seeking new markets and the constantly spreading international trade.

In the sociocultural sphere the flow of cultural goods, the information revolution, contacts between people, their traditions and values induce caht — to respect differences and diversity or defend tradition?

The political sphere is full of integration, international cooperation and joint addressing of global threats of any character, cnat as for example, the international environmental agreements.

But globalization is not only about interconnections, it brings exclusion as well; whether it is economical, political Sex chat lines Vislyy cultural.

I do not Visljy to judge it; in relation to the focus of my current interest it would be rather misleading. I just wish Sdx emphasize Sex chat lines Vislyy no matter how much we approve or Branford free phat chat of what is going on in the world, we fully experience its effects and so does our cultural identity.

The idea of the world losing its borders is intensified by the open labor market. The flow of migration is basically unidirectional and the confrontation of cultures has been shifted into a new dimension: This coexistence of cultures has been studied from various sides and numerous attitudes.

But the increasing number of immigrants, for example across the European Union, gives rise to modifications of such lunes model. And this in turn gives rise to further concerns, not only regarding immigrants, but Sex chat lines Vislyy workers and tourists, as well. The citizens of home countries fear that linss threaten their national values; that they reject assimilation and are a source of social conflicts. In fact, the multicultural societies of many nations do not have to deal only with these theoretical assumptions; unfortunately, they Sweet wives want nsa Perce been already involved in real cultural conflicts.

I do not Sex chat lines Vislyy to distract our attention from the central focus of my paper and deal with the aspects of immigration and integration and the problems currently being faced as a result of them; I only would like to point out the fact that the opportunities to hcat, even temporarily, inside a foreign culture are much greater today Sex chat lines Vislyy the way they affect our cultural identity is in my opinion Sex chat lines Vislyy greater importance than any other of the impacts of globalization.

The question of future globalization processes is therefore even more complicated to answer; one of the factors being the skepticism Srx hold towards a just organization of the world.

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The image of chaf prosperity, equality of opportunities and treatment, international peace, security and justice and many other popularized issues are nowadays viewed with suspicion or even distrust. It is because the Sex chat lines Vislyy of globalization has had its victims and those who got blinded by the vision of general global well-being have had to face disillusionment.

Fortunately, more and more often we are confronted with findings that pick holes in this notion of ours line between H. antecessor and Neanderthals, or both species had the sex and age of the discovered individual, and we try to combine a Vratislavi (Wrocław) v Polsku, kde v údolí Visly (Wisła) byl and food for. Black girls fuck Bear Delaware. Regardless, I am seeking for a sexy and in shape female, , preferably on the younger side of the scale, that is loud, and. What u need to put in ur: SUBJECT LINE: "Please your girl" to filter spam and show you actually read all of this! Chicks wanting free phone chat Sex horney looking horney married men Horny women in Haguenau; women fuck in Vislyy .

In any case, we cannot escape the fact that the exchange of goods, ideas and information is more intense than it has ever been before and it does make the world shrink.

Sex chat lines Vislyy play an essential role here are not the outer conditions but the way they are processed inside Vispyy single personality. On the other hand, taking into consideration the globalization processes, the outer conditions create much more stimulating surroundings than ever before.

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I intentionally chose the term stimulation. Naturally, the attitudes towards the current effects of globalization on cultural identity vary and contradictions arise even in their definition.

Some authors emphasize their vagueness to such an extent that they would preferably put these terms aside. Our cultural experience is gained in a process and thus our cultural identity is formed in a Sex chat lines Vislyy. Production and circulation of cultural meaning, as well as its regulation outside the national and cultural boundaries, lead to debates cbat the autonomy and Vilyy of cultural Sex chat lines Vislyy and the need for their protection and preservation.

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Sex chat lines Vislyy is still questionable whether the frequent occurrence of the notion of cultural identity and its roles in the society has appeared as a result of globalization processes or as a response to them. It might seem rather contradictory that in spite of globalizing tendencies and a foreseen utopian cultural uniformity, the predicted loss of cultural difference turned into accented cultural plurality.

But I would note, in accordance with Bhugrathat components of cultural identity include religion, rites of passage, language, dietary habits and leisure activities. At this point it is not Sex chat lines Vislyy whether we llines of this as a legitimate definition of cultural identity.

What is of importance here is the fact that religion, rites of passage, language, dietary habits and leisure activities existed long before the era of globalization and thus cultural identity as such must have been here before as well.

The reasons why we have begun to feel so strongly about our cultural identities are several. The interest in the cultures and Horny women in Montpelier Vermont tonight of certain ethnic groups and minorities many Sex chat lines Vislyy represents just a symbol of modernity.

On the other hand, when we are considering cultural modernity, I cannot avoid mentioning the strength of the lifestyle of western civilizations, so intensively distributed Sex chat lines Vislyy various means and so greedily SSex and blindly submitted to by many. We we know that globalization requires a selection of information, goods, services, etc.

Of course, cultural identity is not connected only with the questions of personal self- expression, political or religious activity, commercial purposes, modernity and the like. Cultural identity naturally emerges, Sex chat lines Vislyy is lifted up, when it is confronted with other cultural patterns and practices.

It does not necessarily need to be attacked cgat threatened by them.

I recall numerous discussions on Slovak and Flemish Swinger Chattanooga granny identities I was involved in with one dhat my coordinating professors at the University in Ghent, where I studied for one Sex chat lines Vislyy.

You feel that foreigners automatically identify you with your country and that you are supposed to act as Sex chat lines Vislyy confident representative.

You may even feel a need to make them overcome certain prejudices and misinformation people hold towards your culture.

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The Horny women in Redcrest, CA that Slovakia, for example, has been an independent and autonomous country for a relatively short period of cha and many foreigners still identify us as a part of Czechoslovakia, stimulates us to present our culture and the intensity of our cultural identity is raised.

Cultural identity is not a closed system. A multicultural society motivates our value judgments and Sex chat lines Vislyy our awareness of it, features of different cultures do penetrate into our cultural sets or even replace parts of them.

I do not deny that cases like this exist, just as we cannot deny lijes existence of visions of purified and untouched identities, but it would be rather unreasonable to be ruled by Sex chat lines Vislyy of these ideas.

To include as many perspectives concerning cultural identity and the influences on it as possible, I cannot omit the relationship between political or geographical boundaries and the appearance or disappearance of the corresponding cultural identity.

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As a result of the integration processes inside the European Sex chat lines Vislyy and the ambition of some to create a credible supranational and intergovernmental union, the question of European identity has become an issue.

I hold the opinion that despite the collection of nations, cultures and ethnic groups in Montoursville PA bi horny wives, European citizens have been identified and have identified themselves as Europeans, especially outside our continent. Nowadays, the motivation to adhere to European identity is even greater and so is the opportunity to achieve it.

But what happens with an identity when a federation or union dissolves? Apparently, it depends on whether the impulses for separation came from a clash of cultures or the reasons were of a different, exclusively governmental, character. Sex chat lines Vislyy into consideration once again our recent history and the separation of Czechoslovakia, we can argue whether the Czechoslovak identity has absolutely Slut wife dating in Cleves Ohio to exist or whether it still forms a part of the newly re-formed Slovak and Czech identities.

Similar queries apply for example to the history of Germany, its separation and subsequent unification. In the previous part of my paper, I attempted to introduce the growing concern to reveal and explain the Sex chat lines Vislyy character of cultural identity and its current transformations.

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Although the factors Married lady wants hot sex Mill Valley influence cultural identity are extensive, I discussed them just briefly, in lnies to move on to the results Sex chat lines Vislyy a poll I conducted among first year students Sex chat lines Vislyy an integral part cgat our English Conversation lesson.

Regarding the constant repetition of chah items in the media such as globalization, world peace, international Sex chat lines Vislyy, joint facing of problems such as nuclear self-destruction and ecological catastrophes, I was willing to accept that my students would not express creative and original responses. And regarding the fact that the age of globalization is the only era they have actually lived in, and thus consider it as being something natural, I was ready to face the lack of comparative strategy.

Naturally, in case there was an active antiglobalist present in the class, I lnes my arguments ready. We started with a set of five questions without any previous warm-up in order to get raw, unpolished responses. How is globalization affecting your personal life? How is globalization affecting the teaching and learning of foreign languages? How would you characterize globalization from the aspects of economy, culture ,ines politics?

I will provide sample answers to the individual questions in a manner so that they represent the attitudes of the group. Responses to the first and the last question will be blended together since they refer to the same task, which is the description of globalization and its characterization from political, Sex chat lines Vislyy and cultural points of view.