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Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts

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This liquid Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts into a leach field near the tank, where it trickles slowly through the ground, hopefully diluted and digested by microorganisms in the soil.

Septic systems work best in rural areas, with houses spread far apart, and do a good job preventing solid waste and pathogens Barnztable entering the water supply. The problem: This liquid — mostly urine, as you would expect — contains nitrogen, phosphorus, and all the medications and toxins in your pee. The nitrogen and phosphorus endanger the environment — too much in ponds and estuaries spurs the overgrowth of algae and the mass Massachusetgs of fish.

Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts

Lucie River in July. The Cape has closed swimming ponds in the past for algae treatment but has never seen anything like the slime in Florida, at least not yet. As for the rest of the contaminants seeping through the sand, the health effects are Find Cordova unknown.

The Silent Spring Institutewhich Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts links between environmental chemicals and health, studies the Cape Cod water supply.

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The group has found small amounts of antibiotics and statins in the Cape ground water, as well as nicotine metabolites, mood stabilizers, progesterone, artificial Ihlen MN housewives personals, and other chemicals not usually associated with drinking water.

Though the scientists detected only low to moderate amounts in many places on the Cape compared with national averages, the levels of PFOS, sulfamethoxazole an antibioticand phenytoin a seizure treatment were among the highest seen outside of industrial contamination sites. Though Locla the highest levels of pharmaceuticals the scientists found were far lower than Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts amount in a typical dose of medication, their presence Massachusettd drinking water is worrisome.

This is difficult but not impossible.

On the front end, citizens can use environmentally friendly detergents and stop flushing their excess medication down the toilet many Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts and police stations will collect Mssachusetts for free. On the other end, municipal waste-water plants — appropriate for some urban areas — treat water to lower nitrogen and phosphorus levels, tweak the acidity, and kill pathogens.

Some newer, pricier septic systems can do the same.

Adding a layer of sawdust to leach fields Massachueetts digging them more shallowly so that more soil microbes can eat the waste may also reduce nitrogen, phosphorus, and emerging contaminants. Buried barriers can block excess nitrogen and phosphorus from ponds and coastlines.

Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts

But issues with social acceptance — a composting toilet in the house? Oyster farmer Diane Carlson, for instance, draws drinking water from her private well, which she tests regularly. It's my career. Bartenders talk to a lot of people every Houston casali nude us about the most bizarre person or experience from work.

If you open up the ladies' room door, there's a smaller room before you get into the main area. One Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts, there were two girls just hanging out and talking in there.

Hot Bartender, Cool Drink: 19th Hole | Barnstable, MA Patch

It was closing time, so I killed the lights and hit the alarm and was just about in bed when I got the call saying that the girls had been there after I'd closed and that they'd set Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts the alarm.

An unforgettable bartender knows Massachjsetts about his customers—knows their favorite drinks or what they do for a living.

I would love to have my own restaurant or bar one day—I hope to make this industry my career. Bartenders talk to a lot of people every day—tell us about the most bizarre person or experience from work. There's nothing specific, but a lot of time guys will buy girls drinks, and then the girls' boyfriends come back from the bathroom or from outside having a cigarette. The girls always Local sexy lady Barnstable Town Massachusetts how to handle it, though!

A regular bartender just serves the drinks, but an unforgettable one talks to you, offers different drinks, asks about your mood and Lofal wants to get to know you. People come to you to let off some steam and relax—what is your favorite spot in town to do the same?

How to do Cape Cod like a local - The Boston Globe

The boardwalk is a favorite sunset-watching spot, and the beach has a playground, a picnic area, walking trails, and a boat launch. Marconi Wireless Station Site ; nps.

This National Seashore site Barnshable the Atlantic showcases the sweep and changing nature of the outer beach. The 1. Worth the climb for bragging rights, the view, and a reminder that the Pilgrims landed here first.

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Take the late afternoon Dolphin Fleet ; whalewatch. On summer evenings, the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod ; artsfoundation. Take your beach chair and bug spray and enjoy your music the way locals like it: Schedules are on the arts foundation website.

Locals are more likely to take out than eat out in the summer; if you want a sit-down experience, stick to midweek. A few current local favorites.

Breakfast spots often seat just a couple of dozen and have a line on weekends. The Pancake Man in South Yarmouth ; pancakeman.

The theme song will stick with you forever. If you want an adult beverage with your meal, seek out the patio at the Masachusetts Resort and Golf Club, on Pleasant Bay in Harwich ; wequassett.