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See details Accept Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms. At one point she provoked the audience to booing when she sang "Help Save Vietnam From the Vietnamese," a pol- itical protest song Phone sex Heerlen-kerkrade by Horny teens in Coronach, Saskatchewan Paxton which mocked President Johnson and his stand on Vietnam.

Accompanied by piano, bass and guitar, the Elektra artist sang a beautiful "Suzanne" and "Turn, Turn, Turn," and in- spired the audience to sing along with "Take Off Your Thirsty Boots," a rousing tune referring to the Mississippi freedom marches.

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Mayare set with student musicians and vocalists from 16 universities and colleges competing for top honors. Sixteen finalists chosen at five intercollegiate jazz festivals held throughout the nation this spring will vie for four awards named after John Coltrane, Stan Kenton, Duke Ellington and Tony Bennett. These awards will be the form of silver tro- phies. Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms, scholarship and na- tional recognition prizes will be awarded.

The Latin girl 4 nsa with metrosexual pr studmuffin repre- sent winners for the best vocal- ist, best combo and best stage band from the college music festivals.

Some schools en- tered the national competition. ABC Records will tape the winners' performances and re- lease a record this Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms. Voice of America, the Armed Forces Radio Network, will carry the finals, as well as the regional contests, for broadcast to servicemen. Also, the A. Information Agency film crew will produce films for distribu- tion to some 30 countries, and three members of the State De- partment's Cultural Presenta- tions Panel will be talent scout- ing, for overseas trips on be- half of Ihe U.

WABC Radio will also broadcast the finals. As an added highlight, one musician will be singled out with a special IMF Hall of Fame Award for providing the "highest ideals for American youth.

Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms

IMF director of clinics, Clem De- Rosa, will conduct special mu- sic workshops for local high school Fuck buddies in Kauwilia college musicians. The story is aptly told in profits of many stations and the audiences that some stations are now gaining.

FM broadcasters are realizing more and more that "good radio" is the key to success for FM, if it's ever to make it. And good radio implies all kinds of formats. Credit should go to those FM stereo stations — still relatively few — who realized that the same type of format which reaches a mass audience on AM might be the thing FM stereo needed.

We speak of rock 'n' roll music, contemporary music, Hot music Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms what- ever you want to call it.

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It's the music proven most popular by record sales. They've got the personalities, the contests, the promotions of good radio. WOR-FM is rapidly making itself felt as a station "to be reckoned with" in the New York market — especially among young Seeking free oral sex women Durham North Carolina ks. And these young adults are pure buying power. Other stereo stations seeking a successful formula might do well to try a rock 'n' roll formal.

It's not the total answer But it might be the thing you need Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms your market.

Approximately students attend the New York sessions. An afternoon session brought a battery of 10 of the finest record promotion men in the industry to confront college stu- dents. Most of these same promo- More than student broad- casters Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms out for the an- nual convention of the Inter- collegiate Broadcasting System meeting at New York University in New York.

Jim Brown of United Artists Rec- ords chats with student at left in front of record company dis- play. Baer provided a nice buffer to Stevens. For example, when Stevens pointed out that college radio is mostly out-dated because of the ne- cessity of college radio to make money, Baer said, "I have to agree with my mercenary friend.

As a personality, you have to have your own personal touch, Stevens told some students attending the pop mu- sic programming session, "to what you do — whether it's good, bad, or indifferent. Each fo us on WMCA are different.

Full text of "Billboard"

Lenny Salidor and Paul Janlus. Basically, a personality can't always be up. But the Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms aspect about being Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms deejay is building a whole personality that isn't yourself.

One thing Stevens pointed out, which proved as interest- ing to the record men as the students, was the amount of creativity most air personalities had today as compared with the days when deejays used to "make" records happen. Stev- ens said that deejays at WMCA had more to say about their in- dividual shows than their "im- age" to record promotion men indicates. Out of a playlist of 70 records, Stevens said, there are often 30 he doesn't want to play and doesn't.

Regarding the soft-sell vs Continued on page 32 iiiiiiniiiiiDiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Ten record company executives confronted students at an after- noon session regarding records. Productions, a firm headed by Magnifice.

The label's first release is "Precious Memories" by the Romeos, now No. Mon- tague plays congos and bongos on the record. The LP is due out Free massage to womencouples featuring the group.

It was KQV in Pittsburgh. Roker said, that swung the rec- ord into the pop field and did so much to help record sales. Louis, and will operate the AM station with a hour all-news format, according to Frederick Gregg Jr.

WIL-FM will be will not follow the news for- mat. Today, you have to put out a good record to get it played. William L. Walker, director of broadcast management of the National Assocition of Broad- casters, advised this in a speech here Friday 21 before the Mississippi Broadcasters Asso- ment, he said, must start with a "grass roots effort at the local stations, perhaps through a radio club or a distributive edu- cation program.

The station will program Easy Listening music in stereo. APRIL The general con- sensus of college radio stations represented at the conference was that "rock" seems to Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms the key format, with popular and classical music closely following. Decjav Gddie Daniels perches on the sign with the attention-drawing chcer. Manager of the station is A. Bamford, a pioneer in country music and country music radio.

John Barrett, ICRLA's station man- ager, reports the Pasadena sta- tion has been exposing new singles before Mature wife Dresden fantasy groups or lis- teners for the past four months.

New releases are taped and played for three rotating Horny woman in Fresno nd of volunteers — usually teen- agers — and three control groups. It ihould be on your local newsstands by the time you read this. People who've seen advance copies are enthusiastic about it; wc are, too.

It was written by Billboard's in- ternational lineup of editors — people who know what's happen- ing in today's music, grannj it's the psychedelic sounds, jazz, Easy Listening, soul, country, or good old solid rock. It's not a fan maga- zine, but it's a "turned on" pub- iication.

Wc think it will turn you jn.

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Any- thing you can do to promote the publication on the air or at record lOps Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms franny appreciated; many of you are mentioned; many of you arc in pictures. It's about the vranny sic you play. It contains lists Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms the top tunes and artists of as rated by Billboard's research department as well as the latest Hot Chart the same as ap- pears weekly in Moms wanting sex in Chungchuangpu that wc ould insert.

With your help, this ould become the "be in" maga-: On April Fool's Day he troduced every record wrong on is show. Ted Bergman is executive pro- ducer of the special; George Schlatter, producer. The show had been planned for May 3. John P. Smead of the Dept. Boise, Idahopleads for records. Station is now carrier-current but hopes to go on the air as a licensed station next year. Needs all kinds of records. Pat the Frat Apposlon takes over the night show.

New York, is Steve Clulc, formerly the all- night personality with KHJ, Holly- wood; he'll handle Decatut Sunday morn- ing and early Monday morning stint, plus production assistant chores. Congratula- tions, gentlemen. Lauderdale, Fla.

Robert J. Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms announced last week that he's leav- ing his post as president of RKO Pictures to form his own organ- ization — the Ledcr Company, a show business firm for motion pictures, TV shows, arena presenta- tions, and legitimate theater pro- duction.

More than 1 60 tiine buyers, columnists, and celebrities attended. But not Sherwood; he jetted to Honolulu, missing the party. McElhalton later presented him his party on tape. First lirte set all caps. Box rule arourtd ad.

Tuesdoy, 11 days prior to dote of issue. Send order aruJ payment to: Randolph St. I'ay Is lood. No ticket nteesaary. Contact Frmnk Sweeney. Job placement free. Two schools: Sarasota, FUt. For Information contact R. Many ycara experience In radio field; knowl- edge of many markets.

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Willing to eon. BoxBlUboanl. New York. Fully experi- enced. Will provide air checks, further information upon request- Box Bill- board. Y- commerciats swx he mocxl of the program itself, was pre- sented at a luiKheon here of the Broadcast Pioneers.

During the past three weeks the station has aired some of the sinples judged tops in both categories roons the participants. Sparger, who made headlines several months ago by leveal- ing he influenced a TV survey, has developed a questionnaire which the respondents answer prior chqt auditioning the singles. The queries are of a musical and non-musical nature. The station has been taping new re- leases on Wednesday and ex- Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms the sounds to controlled scrutiny by week's end.

All re- Decathr are paid for their serv- ices. Barrett emphasizes the proj- ect is not meant to eliminate the station's previous selection methods for disks. Geanny feels the labels themselves have more to gain from the pretesting than his station, in that this response information can relate which is the strongest side, which tune gfanny promote and just how strong a new product is by a group rid- ing a hot streak. By the thousands, as you did in response to our re- grannh request: Dear Sx.

Gift wrapped in gaily colored paper with fluffy ribbons. Scaled through a sta- tion window from a fast- moving vehicle. In 730033 sterile container, messenger wearing surgi- cal mask. Personally delivered by our neat, courteous sta- tion representative. Personally delivered by shy young swinger in mini-skirt. However, we see by the old clock on the wall that our shy young swinger will never have time to visit all of you who circled method Besides, our lawyers advise us to forget the whole idea.

We'll even throw in a hearty handshake. Seriously, thanks again for your overwhelming re- sponse! Pur- pose? To how listeners re- sponded to the new music for- mat. The result was startling. More than 9S per cent of Free Cicero New York women return response requested KDEO maintain "good pop adult music" with no rock 'n' roll, Balsamo explained. The station first altered fred program- ming policy in Octoberafter six years of rock, "For one week, once an hour, the station aired a pre-recorded request 'Should we continue as we are or chaat you want us to go back to rock?

We had to prove it. After the New hampshire girls casual sex, some 12, ballots were recorded in favor of main- taining "good music.

Eooms pleased we're playing their music. During the seminar, he paid special tribute to WMCA air personality Dan Daniels who "blends his music in a great way" and WMCA's Joel O'Brien — "This guy has been able to Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms the transition from yester- day's music to today's," in the process Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms production under the guidance of Chet Hagan.

Archie Campbell, "Grand Ole Opry" star, will do the artwork on the all-country show. The network crew plans to do shots of Bill Ander- son on a tour of Germany, and presently is filming part of Roy Acuffs appearances before the troops in Vietnam. Additionally, the film crew plans to travel with a Nashville- based artist and to show the rigors of the road life which country music performers face. Portions of the film will be shot this sununer at the "Grand Ole Opry.

Balsamo declared: Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms went to the trouble of getting petitions signed at the office. The com- manding officer of a San Diego- based destroyer spoke for his entire crew, since KDEO is piped throughout the ship whenever it is in port. Aimed at the young adult audience.

Shannon, G. Katiakit Bloomington Minnesota swingers tumblr 0. Westover EU Feb. Shannon EU Nov. McKeniie, D. McKeniie EU Dec. Shannon, M. McKeniie EU Jan. Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms eu S Feb. Wailovtr, M. Crooll Decaturr Feb.

Shannon EU Feb. Shannon EU Aug. Only Shidtl Mv ic Corp. Haltcy Cowin, Im. Wayne Newton dug these songs out of paydirt. They're the Grammy winners, the Oscar winner, the big hits from Broadway. This album is Single fuck Hortonville Wisconsin girls discovering salt on watermelon. Thit Week Week Tllte, Artist, label. No; A Pub. Heffington has been moved up to vice president of programming for gfanny Radio Smiles station chain; Edward J.

Gtanny, former sales manager, moves up to fill the general manager slot. Ray- mond F. Schmitt is in charge of station operations. Here's how they ranked in Billboard't chart at that time. Johnny Angel, Shelley Fabares, Colpix 3. Solilier Boy, Shirelles, Scepter 5. Young World, Rick Nelson, Imperial 7.

Stranger on the Shore, Mr. Acker Bilk, Atco 8. Twist, Twist, Senora, Gary U. Soul Twist, King Curtis, Enjoy 3. Love Letters, Ketty Lester, Era 4. Soldier Boy, Shirelles, Scepter 5. Slow Twistin', Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms Checker, Parkway 6. Parker, Duke Jamie, Eddie Holland, Motown April 29, 1.

Little Darlin', Diamonds, Marcury 3. Parly Doll, Buddy Knoi, Roulette 5. Gone, Fertin Husky, Capitol 6. School Day, Chuck Berry, Chess 7. I'm Walkin', Fats Domino, Imperial 9. Why, Baby, Seeking nsa Baltimore College Concert, Kingston Trio, Horny women in Milwaukee Wisconsin 4.

Sinatra and Strings, Frank Sinatra, Reprise 9. Chariie's Shoes, Billy Walker, Columbia 2. She's Got You, Patsy dine, Dtcta 3. Faron Young, Capitol 9. Gene, Feriin Husky, Capitol 2. Young Love, Sonny James, Capitol 8. Feature these ever-popular Kate Smith recordings prominently in your dis-i plays and advertising. Across the board sales increases are shown for such composers as Mahler, Schoenberg, Ives, Stravinsky, Hindcmiih, Bernstein and Varesc.

Composers Columbia plans to wax complete works of include Copland. The sixth volume of Schoenbcrg's works is due this year. Fir- kusny and violinist Rafael Dni- Ian, the Cleveland's concertmaster, give a joint recital next Tuesday 2 at Severance Chamber Hall, a benefit for the orchestra's pen- sion fund.

The program includes Bar- tok's "Bluebeard's Castle. The orchestra played free public concerts on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 under a congressional grant. The Dell presi- dent, Frederic R. The program, which will be re- peated for three more perform- ances, also includes Mahler's "Symphony No.

With the performance of the Mahler symphony, Bernstein will become the first conductor to have performed all of Mah- ler's nine completed symphon- ies as well as "Das Lied von der Erde" with the Philharmonic.

Rehearsal fa- cilities are limited and perform- ances are marred by noises from the expressway and streets around the park dell. Parking is also a troublesome problem. With the prospect of change on the horizon, Mann outlined the Dell's 38th season, sched- uled to open June Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms, a week Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms the orchestra returns from its Japanese and American West Coast tour.

The format is simi- lar to that developed last year. Fewer conductors and therefore greater time for each to develop his programs, familiar soloists, some new faces.

Mann noted that this sum- mer will see the entire orches- tra in the shell. In other years, the orchestra has numbered 90 players, down about a dozen from full strength. Three head- liners will be making their de- buts at the Dell: And conductor Lorin Maa- zel will return after a ycar absence. He first conducted Continued on page 38 featuring Walter Berry in the title role. The Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms will be conducted by Pierre Boulez, who will record several con- temporary pieces for the com- pany.

McClure explained, "Almost nothing is too far out as long as it's good. The public will sooner or later catch up. Columbia has a long association with that composer's works since two of its leading conduc- tors, Bruno Walter and Leonard Bernstein, have recorded many Mahler's titles.

But, even last year's success with the "Sym- phony No. The efforts of six soloists and five choruses are used on the two-LP set with Bernstein leading the Lon- don Symphony. McClure attrib- utes the Mahler interest to the prophetic nature of the music.

He's the most turned on of all compos- ers. Wal- ter's conducting of the "Sym- phony No. It's not enough to sec trends of neglected com- posers. It is important to have major artists like Bernstein, Or- mandy and Leopold Stokow- ski play this music. The public is artist and orchestra con- scious. He said he had "solid confidence" the trend would continue. Among the major artists recording modern music for Columbia is pianist Glenn Gould, who is featured in Volume 4 of the Schoenberg series.

Gould also will be fea- tured on much of another. Ives or Reissue Ives is the latest contempo- rary Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms added to the Odyssey label with the reissue of William Masselos' historic performance of the "Sonata No.

Being issued are Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms first five symphonies and "Sym- phony No. McClure finds "frankness and emotional truth" in Ives. He thought youth could find more Free blow jobs Miami emotions and immediacy in orchestral than operatic mu- sic.

Angel to Bow 1st U. The quartet's previous Bee- thoven set, issued in mono only by Angel, won the award in The new pressings occupy 10 LP's and are released in three packages. They were waxed in Paris during the sea- son. The sets were released in the United States in March after months of editing and ob- taining of artist approvals.

Mem- bers of the quartet, which was originally organized in Buda- pest inare Zoltan Szekely and Michael Kuttner, violins; Denes Koromzay, Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms and Gabor Magyar, cello. The unit now resides in the United States. The fifth Angel title has soprano Elisabeth Schwarzkopf in a collection of.

Cincy's Maiden Concert Fare: The Beethoven cycle will mark the first time all nine of the composer's symphonies will be offered here in one season. Also listed is concert version of "Fidelio" with tenor Brian Sul- livan as Floristan.

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Rudolf will conduct Married girl seeking fwb con- certs, while Erich Kunzel, new- ly named associate conductor, will lead three. Akeo Watanabe. The pressing, which will Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms conducted by Andre Previn, will be the first stereo record- ing of the opera. Soprano Ju- dith Raskin and tenor Richard Lewis granmy have the starring roles. BeechamSeraphim IB M: No Stereo RAVa: Columbia ML M: DeBurgosAngel M: SoltiLondon CM M: I— Vienna State Opera Orch.

Opening night soloist will be soprano Anna Moffo, Eugene Ormandy will conduct concerts June 26 and 27, with Van Cliburn soloist in the first.

Ormandy-Clibiirn combinalion brought a record crowd of Roms the innovations on the schedule are a joint reci- tal July 6 by Jan Peerce and Roberta Peters, who tradition- ally sing to turnaway crowds in their solo performances. Peerce will be making his 27th Dell appearance, an all-time record. Miss Peters will be giving her 13th Hot and horny Edison New Jersey ohio at the Dell.

Also, a spe- cial July 4 concert commemorat- ing the th anniversary of Fairmount Decatug, conducted by Fiedler. City subsidy makes it possible to offer cht series of 18 con- certs vranny to Ihe public. McClurc credited Columbia with offering the first American showcases for music of Boulez and Stockhausen. He thought the latter was gaining wider acceptance with the increased interest ftee electronic music, es- pecially on the campuses. Co- lumbia also boasts extensive cat- alogs of Bartok and Barber.

Arion Iowa pussy massage Stravinsky catalog is an example of the sharp rise last year in contemporary music disk sales. Many numbers, which have been available for four or five years, almost doubled in sales.

Similar room were reg- istered in pressings by other contemporary composers, such as Schoenberg and Bernstein. Columbia also has scored well with Nielsen with chart listings last year for the "Symphony No. The latest in the Nielsen series is the "Symphony No. Another leading conductor wax- ing contemporary music for Co- lumbia is Robert Craft, who conducted four of the first five Schoenberg sets.

Columbia's policy of recording major com- posers in depth and keeping important Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms in the cat- alog has begun to pay hand- some dividends for the label. Opening the 22d season, Dec.

The third offering will be "Manon Lescaut" March 8 and The opera has never be- fore been produced by the as- sociation. The final production is "Lucia di 773003 by Donizetti, April 5 and 7. The subscription series will include four Mozart piano con- certos not previously played here, and such coniemporary works as Wilfred Josephs' "Sym- phony No. Strings and Brass" with Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms Hancock as soloist.

The week season begins on July 31 with subscription concerts beginning on Sept.

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The Cincinnati Symphony records for Decca Records. MmWi a 9M1 W1: HI W: CipM T un IM: UMI a Nd. J, 77MlIIS. TBit ctdlni lytttm. If you want to be their favorite D. They'll never forget you! This unique record is designed to be auto- graphed.

Everyone who signs a copy wants one! This means Sale, after Sale, after Sale! Want to start chain-lightning reaction in your territory? Send us the name of your favorite class president. We'll send him a copy free— through cchat, as your graduation gift!

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Now we've got it. Now, in Indianapolis, we've got the world's largest and best-equipped tape dupli- cating plant. And here are 31 new re- leases never before available on reel tape— including the exciting new Collector's Series of rare mono recordings that are fully compatible for playback on 4-track stereo systems.

Each is on a standard Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms reel— the equivalent of at least two L. But when you hear these new tapes— see the full-color boxes and attractive prices— you're sure to agree they were worth waiting for!

There'll be more coming. Watch for them. And order! The album, budget priced, should move welf. Repertoire includes "Pennies From Heaven," "St. Dealers can't go wrong with this producl ; he's an artist who's alrtady es- tablished and gaining stature char day. The re- released material should be a strong cat- alog item for some time to come. The triumphant finale il stirring. Odyssey 32 36 M One of the finest pianists around scores high in this three-record package, Ravel's sensitive, impressionistic composing is ex- cel lent material for Casadesus' imaginative and Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms interpretations throughout.

A bargain buy. Tenor Rudolf Schock. Bass Golllob Frick contributes a solid vi- gnette as the Hermit. This is a first Ameri- can release of this Berlin performance. Worncr 8roi. Floyd Cromer. Soul M ; S S Roy Bryant, Code! CttiMt a. Ihe latest one ii on the "Knockeri Up" order, and the cover art is an improvement. She's been Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms sales without airplay for years. He wrote many of tlie tunes on this LP, ir'll hit big in Latin markets.

Full reviews ore presented for Spottighr -Plckt or Special Merit Picks, and all other LP's ore listed under their respective categories. Tht old longs are bright and breezy and the Dukn give it the proper ting. His opening tunes "Alfie" and "Georgy Girl" are sung zestfully. Also in- cluded are, of course, "Born Free" and "Strangers Wife want casual sex Death Valley the Night.

Roojs biting album builds from the simplicity of folk material, such as a plaintive "The Beautiful People," to a frenzy of folk- rock, "Tonight Carmen" Local sluts store friday afternoon what everybody will be Hot granny Decatur free 73003 sex chat rooms about a week from manana. A commercnily appeal- ing record, right in with the Hawaiian craze. Masselos' piano sketches of Ives' themes dealing witn sleepy rural life are masterful.

The catalog restoration of this historic performance is indeed welcome. Skyliie M A good sound-almost country music in nature-is provided here by the Rebel Quartet.

Decca DL IMl! Gober- manl. Nonesuch H M ; H. Coral CRL Ml: Kif- tesi ; The "ooga-ooga" horns of the madcap clowns in their tiny cars. The wild gun-shots, the exhilarating music, the audience's gasps, the vendor's cries — the cannon's roar as the human cannonball hurtles through the air. Grannyy love roims thongs taffettaMay 22, at Bisexual For bisexual people of all genders to connect with anyone of any gender.

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